Accounting and Assurance Services

Business process outsourcing

In an increasingly competitive environment, it is essential to rely on specialized business partners for services that in the past were carried out in-house by the company, thus focusing the efforts on strategic and key activities of your business.

An engagement with a specialized partner for the design and management of administrative and accounting processes, grants the possibility of having permanently updated information in areas which are not part of the core of the organization. Trusting the execution of certain activities to a third party, allows you to focus on the most relevant aspects of your business, yet keeping control of such by having timely accounting information for decision making.

We provide the following accounting services:

  • Bookkeeping: We have a cloud-based software that allows you to be close to your information. With predefined users, your company has 24/7 access to the platform.
  • Financial Statements Preparation in accordance with local accounting regulations (IFRS Full, IFRS SME’s or Minor Relevance Entities).
  • Administrative Support: we provide support in areas different from the core of your business to allow you to dedicate to your key activities. With expert and very dynamic teams, we provide assistance in the areas of administration, finance and accounting, among others.
  • Issuance of Compilation Reports in accordance with local Accounting Standards.
  • Preparation of management and KPI’s reports.
  • Issuance of Accounting Certificates.
  • Support in internal processes.
  • Analysis of accounting items and reconciliations.
  • Maintenance and update of accounting journal entries.
  • Support with external audits processes.


We provide confidence to the business environment through a rigorous review of the Company’s Financial Statements in accordance with the applicable accounting regulatory framework, to issue a reasonable opinion in a professional report.

We have a variety of services according to the needs of each client so as to build trust to the different stakeholders:

  • Annual audits and periodic reviews.
  • Limited reviews.
  • Internal audits.
  • Agreed-upon procedures.
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