HR Consulting

Professional training

We believe that knowledge and good practices are fundamental elements to achieve differentiation, and to evolve as a Society.

Our courses and business programs aim to keep the professional staff of your company updated.

We know that working times leave little space for personal life, that is why we offer online courses that allow you to advance at your own pace.

To take advantage of the exchange of ideas of a group, our courses in Company are an ideal option, either in standardized or personalized courses.


Recruitment and personnel selection is generally a complex process, which can be extensive and rather difficult.

Our team of specialists in human resources facilitates this process, identifying talents aligned to the mission of your company.

We accompany your company at every step:

  • Preliminary evaluation of candidates based on their background, training, experience and resume.
  • Personal interviews with shortlisted candidates.
  • Specific psychotechnical evaluation for the profile.
  • Preparation and presentation of a final report of each candidate.

Staff outsourcing & temporary work

With this service we support your company to cover personnel requirements for a certain period time, without having to go through the whole recruitment process.

This allows our clients to face exceptional situations such as harvests, startups, maternity leave, illness and absences for travel groups.

Staff outsourcing is also an ideal solution for companies that have specific projects in the country, or restrictions in the headcount.

We guarantee prompt responses and availability of qualified workforce.

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