Labour Services

Payroll services

The complexity of labour regulations, the intense dynamics of human relations, the need to maintain the confidentiality of information and to have reliable support, oblige us to put at your disposal a multidisciplinary legal-labour team, supported by leading payroll technological solutions.
Human resources are one of the most important assets of your company, therefore correct remuneration processing collaborates with maintaining a good organizational climate.
Experience has shown that one of the most effective business strategies to achieve greater efficiency and cost reduction is the hiring of specialized suppliers in those processes that are not critical or differentiating.


The services offered by our firm are the following:

  • Monthly payroll
  • Issuance of electronic receipts
  • Issuance of salary journal entries
  • Support in labour inspections or audits
  • Newsletters of labour law updates
  • Review of compliance with labour regulations that include the obligations corresponding to the wages councils
  • Control of contributions to Social Security
  • Calculation and control of monthly contributions to the tax authorities for personal income tax

Labour law & employement assistance

We have a specialized team with extensive experience in individual and collective labour law disputes.
Labour regulations are dynamic and constantly changing, we support our clients to be prepared to comply with regulations, and to be updated to minimize contingencies.

We provide comprehensive advice on labour and social security, in order to provide our clients with inputs for decision-making, conflict resolution and their prevention.


Some of our services are:

  • Recurring consulting.
  • Labour and social security audits.
  • Drafting of employment contracts and related documents.
  • Drafting of action protocols, codes of conduct, internal regulations.
  • Legal assistance before the Ministry of Labour and Social Security in conciliation hearings, voluntary agreements and administrative files and before the Judiciary.
  • Labour and social security due diligence.
  • Management of work permits and residences for foreign workers.

Outsourced suppliers control management

At ABM Integra we work to protect our clients from possible risks and breaches associated with their subcontractors, within the framework of laws N ° 18.098, 18.099 and 18.251.

In many opportunities, your main suppliers are ambassadors of your brand, so in addition to complying with the regulatory framework, carrying out a follow-up that allows them to be evaluated is a key element.

We have a multidisciplinary team formed by accountants and lawyers with vast experience in the matter who can advise and support you in carrying out compliance checks on your contractors in order to minimize risks and mitigate liability for eventual non-compliance. .

We develop solutions that provide security for your company in relation to the control and management of your suppliers, thus limiting your responsibility by complying with the regulations that regulate the control of contractors and subcontractors.

We exclusively have the best web platform in the Uruguayan market which allows you to manage and view the information of your suppliers in real time, anytime, anywhere to take the necessary actions. For the contractors it is very simple to upload information, while for it is a useful and very practical tool with many benefits for the client.

Access control

Access and entrance of personnel of contractors to your Company plant or offices should be also controlled, in order to avoid unnecessary risks that may affect your reputation and image. Our solution allows you to control the documents your Company determines necessary to authorize the entry of personnel, vehicles, and machinery to your Company.

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