Trust Services

Trust Services

At ABM Integra we provide Trust Administration services for private structures, through ABM Integra Fiduciaria SRL.

As of Law No. 17,703 (Trust Law), the Uruguayan legal framework incorporated the figure of the trust as an institute.

Trusts, in its different forms, constitute a valuable legal tool to implement legal administration or guarantee business. It consists, basically, in the transfer of assets or rights from the equity of a natural or legal person to an equity of affectation administered by a third party (Trustee), which will administer it and will exercise the rights and obligations that are established in the respective contract, in order to administer them for the benefit of the settlor himself (the one who contributed the goods or rights) or of a third party, who, in the guarantee trust, will be a creditor.

At ABM Integra we have professionals specialized in ​​real estate, administration or guarantee trusts offering extensive experience in the design and preparation of these types of contracts, as well as in their administration and management.

Our team provides support in the accounting processing of trust operations, in payment and collections circuit, management system agreed according to the contract, attending to the tax matters, as well as the audit in the management of its processes.

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